Welcome to my website!

My name is Katherine Wood, and I live in Colorado. I grew up in Boulder, Colorado beneath the Flatirons. These flat rocks shaped like irons welcomed my pioneer ancestors to the area in 1858 and have been my support, inspiration and cheerleaders all of my life. Their rugged shoulders, right outside my bedroom window, carried my worries and concerns during my growing up years. We still hold conversations which always end with, "We're still here. Even though each season brings changes, we are solid. You will survive."

I have always been a writer. At first, I drew pictures and told elaborate (for a 3 year old) stories. By 4th grade, I had an entire library of books (mostly mysteries because I loved reading Nancy Drew) I'd written on recycled blue paper. Each book had a check out card and a pocket in the front where I stamped the due date. 

My teacher that year asked if I knew how to divide chapters, and for some reason, I told her I did. I have always regretted that. Ms. Mason, if you're still out there, I would love to know what secret you might have shared.

Writing poetry about love, loss and longing filled pages and pages during my teens. The poetry I write today is mostly about Nature and the meaning of life, but I did self-publish a collection of ghost poems not long ago. 

What Supports My Writing

I teach and learn.

I taught secondary school for 31 years--16 years in middle school and 15 in high school--in Holdrege NE, Berthoud, CO and Thornton CO. My students called me Ms. Wood, Miz, and Wood, but you can call me Katherine. These were the years that I spent a lot of time talking to teens about the issues and challenges they were having. I always tried to match them up with young adult (YA)  books who had characters  dealing with similar topics. A special hello and thank you  to my former students!!

I treasure special relationships.

Being in relationship with people teaches me a lot about myself and about what we as humans value. Being in relationship with spiritual support in the other realms is like having a press box filled with helpers who can guide me about what is going on downfield. 

I come from a giving tribe. I have 3 wonderful brothers who gave me sisters-in-law and nephews and nieces who have given me more in-laws and great nieces and nephews.

I had the honor of helping to raise one boy and one girl, and they've given me four grandchildren who give me regular delight. We give back by adopting an animal each year at the Wild Animal Sanctuary in Keenesburg, Colorado.

I have one living uncle and two aunts and one uncle on the other side. I have 6 cousins who have brought spouses and children and their children's children into the family. We've always stayed close--mostly through family reunions. In August 2017, we all gathered in Douglas, Wyoming for the total eclipse. It was my last outing with my Aunt Carol who had planned it for all of us.

I love to...

...read and write!

...spend time with fun people.

...go into Nature to hike and take pictures for greeting cards.

...travel. In 2016, a highlight was the Caribbean. Highlights in 2017 included Alaska, hiking through Arches and Canyonlands National Parks in Utah, and a trip to Boston's historical sites. My 2018  goal is to finish visiting every state in the US.

...create sacred art.

...see clients, teach classes and write books sharing shamanic principles.

...take shamanic journeys into the hidden realms to get information that helps me live a more conscious and connected life. Read THE HIDDEN WORLDS, a book I wrote with Sandra Ingerman, to find out how to do a shamanic journey. It came out in 2018.

...take classes on anything and everything. Right now I am learning more about talking to birds.

My Animal Teachers

Pepe & Brandy

This special dog (Pepe) and loving cat (Brandy) were my pets when I was growing up. They taught me that no matter where I went, they would always be there for me.

Holly Wood

Holly jumped out of a paper bag with a red bow around her neck one Christmas, a gift from Mike and Julie. She went everywhere with me, loving to ride in the back window of the car. She taught me to love traveling.


Tobias was a rescue cat who was a cuddler. He taught me that other people's poor choices are not my responsibility to fix.


Tosca taught me all about unconditional love. She left her earth body in 2007, but she still comes to me in journey space to give me love.


Emma embraced each day with gusto! She taught me to spend more time playing. She enjoyed every minute of life.

My Power Animals

I work with many animals in the hidden realms, but Bear was one of my first. I go into a shamanic journey to talk to Bear and get advice.

Favorite Things That Inspire My Writing


I love all colors--the more vibrant and radiant the better.


Every single morning I eat my favorite food--oatmeal. I especially like it with pineapple and bananas.


I love music--especially chants, piano and strings together, and women artists who sing about women's issues. My favorite song growing up was "Stars and Stripes Forever" because I wanted to learn to play the piccolo. Now I want to learn the marimba.


Anywhere outside is where I love to be. I especially love sleeping outside under the stars.

Type of Day

I love pajama days--days where I do whatever I feel like. Pajama days are especially good when it's snowing.

To Read

I love young adult (YA) and have many favorite authors. Richard Peck is probably the writer I have been a loyal reader of for the most years. My favorite genre is mystery, and I love books that make me laugh.

The Hidden Worlds

Where did all of the dead birds and fish come from?

Were those people in Isaiah's dream the same people from school? Polular soccer star Magda? George who he'd never heard speak because he always left classes for special help? Angry Rose the Chinese girl who was always in trouble for fighting? And why were there dead birds and fish everywhere? And did these kids share his dream?

What was being drained from those skull and crossbone barrels?

When the four accidentally encounter one another by the same pond from the dream and there are dead birds and fish everywhere, they are thrown into an adventure involving poison, puppies, and power animals from the hidden realms. 

The Hidden Worlds will make you laugh, cry and cheer as these characters step into the power of bridging spirit help into their everyday lives. 


Katherine Wood and Sandra Ingerman (www.SandraIngerman.com) wrote this exciting book together. Look for a future sequel. You can get this from John Hunt Publishing or from Amazon.com. Katherine's  email is KatherineWoodAuthor@Comcast.net.

The Hidden Worlds Book Launch Party 7-27-18

The Celebratory Cake

Visitors to the book launch got to enjoy a slice of this cake.

Visitors to the book launch party got to enjoy a slice of this delicious cake. 

My Grandchildren

The Hidden Worlds is dedicated to these four (Gavin, Carter, Jordan, and Grant) along with all the young people of the world.

Greeting Guests

Katherine, Gavin, Carter, Jordan and Grant welcome readers to the party.

Katherine Reading

Katherine read different passages from the book and answered questions from those attending.

Author Signing

Katherine laughs with participants as she signs books. She really enjoyed seeing old friends and former students as well as meeting new people.

Friends and Former Students

Kelly, Annie, Katherine, Jennifer and Nickie. Kelly, Annie and Nickie are proud of their former English teacher and Jennifer is proud of her friend.

What is shamanism?


Shamanism is the oldest spiritual practice on the planet. Anthropologists have found evidence of shamanic practices going back 100,000 years, and they have found this evidence in all geographical locations on the planet. 

Basic Shamanic Beliefs

The basic beliefs of shamanism include:

  Everything is energy. There is no good energy or bad energy. It is all just energy.

  Everything is connected in the web of life. So what is done in one place to one person or object impacts everything.

  There is no death. Life continues in different forms. 

  Everything communicates so it is possible to talk to animals, rocks, plants and everything on earth.

The Shamanic Journey

The shamanic journey is a way to go into the theta brainwave state using some type of sonic driver (drum, rattle, clacking sticks, chanting--anything monotonous). The journeyer goes to Upper World, Lower World, or Middle World with an intention, usually to ask a question.

Power Animals

Some say we come into the world with several angels and several animals accompanying us. Many children talk to these beings which adults sometimes call "imaginary friends." Do you remember your power animal? Or have you always had a special connection to some type of animal?

Studying Shamanism

There are many classes offered for young adults to learn more about shamanism. To find classes in your area, check out the website of my co-author, Sandra Ingerman: www.shamanicteachers.com or read one of her many books on the topic.

You can also follow our YA books. In The Hidden Worlds you can learn how to do the shamanic journey right along with the characters.